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CHOPRA STRIPS LTD. is a Quality manufacturer of Fast hydration Guar Gum Powder, situated at Jodhpur, India. Our Parent Company CHOPRA STAINLESS (www.choprastainless.com) is the world leader in Stainless Steel Re-Rolling Industry. With highest production of S.S. Sheet in throughout Asia, we are unmatched by any of our competitors.
We have been associated with the Guar Gum industry from more than 30 years and have been involved in almost every phase from cultivation, trading and manufacturing. Having a vast experience in the line and backed with excellent infrastructure, we focus on providing superior quality and highly functional naturally processed guar gum powder to all our customers.
Our latest facility is designed with state of art machinery to produce finest quality of Guar Gum Powder for the end use of oil and well drilling. With Quality consistency as our prime goal, the objective is to maintain a long-term relationship with the major oil & gas Companies, who seek quality Fast Hydration Guar Gum Powder.
Being market leaders in Stainless Steel, we are aiming high on producing best quality in big volumes. Presently we have the capacity of processing around 100 M.T. (~220000 lbs) of guar per day. We can assure you of providing best of quality at most competitive prices.


Chopra Agro provides solution for all guargum related needs of the customers, which are widely used in the food industry as thickening and stabilizing agents.Specialized in Fast Hyderation Grade, Chopra Agro is a single platform for all Industrial and Food Grade needs of Guar Gum Industry.
Chopra Agro has the Latest state of Art facility which is directly adjacent to Prime guar plant cultivation sites in Rajasthan. Our all natural processing methods, use of purified processing water and exceptional food safety standard are combined to give you guar gum of consistent and unparallel quality.
Guargum is a extract of the guar bean. Where it acts as a food and water store. Guar product can be eaten as a green bean, fed to cattle or used in green measure.
The largest market for guargum is in the food industry, where differing percentages are set for its allowable concentration in various food applications. Industrial guargum is the most sought- after guar product and accounts for about 45% of the total demand. Industrial gum is used as a controlling agent in oil wells to facilitate easy drilling and prevent fluid loss


Guar Gum has the following properties, which make it useful in wide variety of applications:
Easy solubility in cold and hot water. ♦ Fine film forming property. ♦ Resistance to Oils, Greases & Solvents. ♦ Better thickening action. ♦ Physiologically Inert nature. ♦ Non-ionic, Anionic or Cationic character. ♦ Water binding due to Hydrogen Bonding.

• Textile Industry
• paint Industry
• Pharma Industry
• Paper Industry
• Mining Industry
• Explosive Industry

• Ice Cream / Dairy Products
• Bakery Products
• Noodles
• Pet Food
• Pastery
• Processed Cheese
• Soups
• In Beverages

• Oil Drilling Industry
• Well drilling Industry

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•More than 46000 Sq. Meter of Production area for Steel and Guar Gum
•More than 1500 dedicated Workers Team in the Group
•Latest and up to date Machineries for Production Facilities
•Separate Research and Development Department for Each Sector


♦ ISO 14001:2004
♦ ISO 22000:2005
♦ Halal India


♦ Various Testing equipments for Food Grade and Industrial Grade ♦ Fann and Grace Viscometers for Oil and Drilling Grade ♦ Warring Blenders for preparing Mixtures ♦ Brookfield Viscometers for Food Grade ♦ Automatic Moisture and Ph Testing Equipments ♦ Separate Microbiology Lab for Food Grade

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Packing in 907 Kg (~2000 lbs) Jumbo Bag as well as in 25 Kg Paper Bag
Self Sealing Facility available on site
All facilities to fill Container from factory as well as from ICD


More than 33000 sq. ft. of area for storing raw material
Capacity of storing 8000 M.T. of Guar Gum for Plant


29 Hectares of land for Plantation facilities
Situated just 50 Kms from the Plant
Varied crop and thousands of trees planted

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